Malaysian Authorities Award Medals to Pirate DVD Sniffer Dogs

medal.jpgLucky and Flo, two black Labradors, have been given outstanding service awards for their part in a five-month campaign that has crippled DVD piracy. The two hounds are responsible for the seizure of over $6 million worth of illegal DVDs in Malaysia, as well as the arrest of 26 people, despite the fact that a $28,560 bounty had been put on the dogs' heads.The Motion Picture Association of America has declared itself so pleased with the canine division's results that it is to donate two more dogs to Malaysia's Anti-Piracy Unit at the end of the year. And it's not the first time that the MPAA has intervened in Malaysia.The new recruits will be trained in the art of sniffing out the chemicals used in the manufacture of DVDs.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Flo are on their way to North America, where they will embark on a promotional tour. First up is New York, then Toronto, where they will make an appearance at a film festival. [Reuters]

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