Make That Old Mobile Look like New by Painting It Yourself

instructables_paintedphone.jpgGetting tired of that old, gray and grungy phone of yours? Put away that iPhone envy and go to the Instructables site, which will show you how to kiss that frog with pearly colors and turn it into a handsome prince. But spraying a gleaming coat of paint on a delicate instrument such as a phone is not quite as easy as you might think.It requires major surgery. You need to take all of the parts out of the phone's case, because just a few drops of paint in the wrong places will turn that badass tech into just another inert object. You also need to carefully cover up any of the chrome areas with adhesive tape, requiring intricate detail work with a tiny knife. Then it's time to spray on multiple layers of your favorite color. Go with the metallic! Get the full step-by-step instructions at the Instructables site. [Instructables]

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