Makayama Pocket Wi-Fi Radar Software Now Available for Pocket PC

240x320.pocketwifiradar.jpgNow Makayama Pocket Wi-Fi Radar software is available for the Pocket PC platform, showing you exactly where those free Wi-Fi networks are. Formerly available just for Windows XP, this $14.95 software download shows you an animated radar screen that not only indicates exactly where the hotspots are, but it automates your connection to that network with almost no effort at all. In fact, you can walk around with it running, and as soon as it finds a spot it will link up automatically. Cool.

The software works with a long list of Wi-Fi-capable devices, as well as any Pocket PC model with a wireless add-in card, or if you want to use it on Windows XP, that version is free. Looks like it could be useful, not only for legitimate users looking for a Wi-Fi hookup, but for those who drive around suburban neighborhoods looking for a wide-open Wi-Fi network so they might "borrow" a bit of bandwidth—or worse. Keep that in mind if you're one who's currently comfortable with leaving your Wi-Fi router wide open. [Makayama Software]

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