Lunacalante Stereo Leaves CDs Naked

lunacalante_cd.jpgHers Design have produced this chic, top-loading CD stereo for Metaphys, called Luncalante. The device, which is not yet in production, is distinguished by allowing the loaded CD's bottom portion to protrude partially. Specifications are not available at present, but we like the idea a lot. I am hoping it will shed light on the secret life of saucy CDs...

If you are like me you have probably wondered what is going on once a CD gets into the CD drive. Sure, there is not much space in there, but I bet the CDs have a riot. Well, there will be no fun anymore, not without me being invited to the party! How do you like that now, Mr CD? I am going to be all up in your secret partying, plastic face and there is nothing you can do but sing. Interestingly, the stereo would make a fantastic prop in an action thriller comprising of an all-star mouse cast. The stereo would be a giant saw—fight scene ensues between mice, a couple of rats join The Fray and release a single, the hero mouse kicks bad mice ass, gets the girl and some evil mice end up getting sliced by the machine. I hear the Oscars calling... [Technabob] .

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