Lumin LED Lamps Look Phallic, But They're Just Flashlights

purdy_leds.jpgLEDs are spreading all over the home, and now these Lumen LED Lights have found their way into every corner of your house, bringing a spot of color here and there and adding a little extra style on the way. These 8-inch phallic symbols are available in the colors you see above, and run on three C batteries that the company says will last a minimum of 1500 hours.purdy_leds2.jpgThese little stainless steel lights look a lot bigger in these pictures—just imagine them about the size and shape of an elongated C-battery flashlight, and you get the idea. Too bad the company's asking $71 for each one, because it looks like there's about three dollars' worth of materials involved. LEDs are already commonplace; too bad trinket purveyors (and their customers) haven't heard the news yet. [Home Temptations, via Technabob]

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