Lucky and Flo Bring their Pirate-Huntin, Crime-Bustin' Noses to NYC

luckyflo_wideweb__470x3032.jpg Remember Lucky and Flo, the two chemical-sniffing Labradors awarded medals by the Malaysian authorities for helping in the fight against DVD piracy? Well, they're now back in the US doing the same to US pirates. Find out whose round objects they've been sniffing now.The dogs' first unlucky victims were busted at three joints in the Jamaica area of Queens: Electronic Electroshack, Leather Wholesale and Flava. Boxes of counterfeit DVDs of The Simpsons Movie; Knocked Up; The Bourne Ultimatum; Rush Hour 3; and The Invasion were stacked "floor to ceiling," according to MPAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Kaltman.

According to authorities, the arrested men were Ibrahima Diallo, 19, of Queens: Mohamed Sene, 20 of the Bronx; and Michael Williams, 20, of Queens. If found guilty of trademark counterfeiting charges, they could each face four years in prison. [Wired]

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