Loopwing Wind Power Generator Set Generates Fun, Looks Like A Weapon

p12608wind.jpgThere is so much wind knocking around on our planet it would be a shame not to use any of it. Tamiya & Loopwing's wind power generator supplies enough energy to drive a small toy car, for some serious, environmentally friendly fun.

The kit supplied is flat packed, so you will have to get your DIY skills on. The pack of fun consists of two gears, a capacitor that will not take you back to 1985, a small steering module for your diminutive vehicle and a wind powered charging station. Exposing the assembled kit to 5miles/s winds for 5minutes will give you, a massive, 3.5hours of drive time. We are not sure if $30 could be spent any wiser.A word of warning: Make sure your partner is not present for this assembly process or you may start arguing about where part 3B goes; a fight shall develop and before you know it, your Essential X-Men comic, edition number one, shall be no more. (That hurt so bad—damn Ikea bed frame). [TOKYOMANGO] .

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