Logitech Updates G15 Keyboard with GamePanel LCD Screen

G15_CTG.jpgLogitech's G15 keyboard has been updated to include an LCD screen so that gamers can keep an eye on any vital information that they may need while they play. Price, press release and another pic are after the jump.

AU: Ummm, the G15 always had an integrated screen. This one just looks a bit better resolved. And orange, which means it goes faster - but not as fast as red. That's the next one.

Logitech® G15 Keyboard The Ultimate Keyboard for Serious PC Gamers

Announcement Date: August 1, 2007 Shipping: October 2007

Price: $99.99 Available at: www.logitech.com

Product Description Designed to provide an unprecedented level of programmability and control, the Logitech G15 keyboard offers an integrated LCD screen which can be customized to view vital in-game information, system status, CPU memory available or data from other applications without interrupting game play. The G15 keyboard offers PC gamers a tactical advantage with six programmable G-keys - and three mode keys - to create useful macros on the fly that play-back with a single key press.

Key Features • GamePanel LCD for easy access to in-game, CPU or other information • Backlighted keys for visibility even in dark settings • 6 programmable keys with 3 shift (or mode) states - resulting in 18 programmable macros per game or application • "Game Mode" switch that disables/enables Windows key • 2 full-speed USB hubs • Intelligent cable routing features to help reduce mouse and headset cord clutter • Detachable palmrest

Technical Specifications • PC with Pentium® processor or compatible • 256 MB RAM / 20 MB of available hard disk space • CD-ROM drive • Available USB port • Windows® XP or Windows VistaTM

Keyboard Dimensions • 22 cm (W) • 49 cm (L) • 4.3 cm thick (H) (at the LCD, legs folded) • 1.08 kg

Warranty 1-year limited warranty


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