Link Mugs Let You Carry Six Cups at a Time

link_mug.jpgNow that hapless Gizmodo intern who spilled hot coffee all over Chen's famous pants can rest easy, because here's a set of coffee cups that link together, making it possible to carry a sextet of steaming beverages at the same time. So there you go, cherished intern—you can serve the entire Giz writing team in one trip without worrying about any of those nasty, potentially career-ending mishaps. link_mug2.jpgJonathan Aspinall created this design concept with a plus-shaped plug on one side of each cup and a corresponding receptacle on the other, letting you pile on the cups until you've reached the maximum self-supporting row of six cups. Now we're just wondering if those plug appendages and receptacles will be sized precisely enough to detach easily, because there could be spills involved if they get stuck. [Yanko Design]

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