LG-KS20 has Touchscreen, is HSDPA-Friendly and IFA-Bound

lg-phone-short.jpgLG's new smart phone should be out in Europe by the end of the year, and we're expecting to get a look at it next week at IFA. Find out what else this touchscreen beauty has got, and see some pretty ladies handling it, all after the jump.20070829094905653.jpgRuns on Windows Mobile 6.0 12.8 mm thich 2.8-inch touch screen display Full browsing capability HSDPA-supporting 3.6Mbps download speed Push email service 2 megapixel camera MP3 playback Bluetooth 2.0 Cursive script recognition Video call. 20070829094905607.jpg

Looking forward to it, LG. [Aving]

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