LG Press Conference, IFA 2007

IMG_3725.JPGThey are trying to kill the press, I swear. First they stack Sony and Samsung conferences. Then Samsung moves their conference...I think.

But now I'm at LG! Hit the jump for updates.LG first introduces reddot to talk about design. Design is what's important to LG. And design is what's important to the industry, they explain. It united the male and female market. Products like the Chocolate and Prada show LG's commitment to design.

Because that Chocolate...the epitome of good design!

Note: this is way more crowded than the Sony conference.

LG's Matt Ryan comes out. Alright, sounds like we are finally getting to some gadgets.

Hmm...lots of talking in the room. Like, a rude amount of talking coming from the back. People are turning around in the front. Sorry, they are just talking business crap, and I refuse to write about it.

OK, by 2010 they want to be have a unique design culture of their own: the Digital Life Creator.

Ok, back to my rants.

All the displays are showing food, making me quite hungry.

Cue movie. Sexy softcore porn music plays in the background of an animated powerpoint. Wow this is dull.

Battery died.

Let's fast forward to the future. Design Art is their new line of multimedia gear. LG-081119.jpg We'll give you the rest in post by post updates now that we have some decent press kits.

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