LG Chocolate HS101 Mini Projector Finally On Its Way

lg_chocolate_miniproj.jpgWhile he heard rumblings of the LG Chocolate HS101 mini projector way back in December, the company says it will finally be shipping the diminutive minibeamer by the middle of this month. Even though this baby is just 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and a mere 2 inches thick and weighing just shy of 2 pounds, LG says it can crank out 100 lumens at a contrast ratio of 2000:1. That's not going to be enough to project a bright image in a well-lit room, but still, at that size, it's remarkable. See lots more pics on the next page. This 800x600 pocket presenter uses LEDs for its lighting instead of a conventional bulb, and LG says they'll last 20,000 hours—hey, that's 10 times longer than conventional halogen bulbs, and they'll probably run cooler and use less energy, too. The company wasn't saying where the projector would be shipping, but quoted a price of €799 ($1096), implying that Europe might be first on the list. [LG Germany (in German), pictures courtesy AVing]

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