$7000 Beast II Flashlight Turns Night Into Day With 2000 Lumens

thebeast22.jpgWho knew there would be a flashlight that burns as bright as an aircraft landing light? That would be the Surefire Beast II LED torch, blasting 2000 lumens, giving you a searchlight that's as bright as 130 regular flashlights. That's some serious light, but it sucks a tremendous amount of power and money, too.

Try feeding this sucker with 20 lithium batteries, each of which costs $1, and the whole passel of them will only last 1.5 hours. Topping that is a $7,000 price of the flashlight itself. You'd better have some serious perpetrators to light up if you're going to be spending that kind of coin on a mere flashlight. [Shop4Torches, via Coolest Gadgets]

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