Lenovo's $199 PC Package Is A Step In The Right Direction

post1a-5.jpgLenovo are set to release a $199 PC package to tap into the expansive, rural Chinese market. For the extremely reasonable price, Lenovo intends on supplying the PC along with a mouse, keyboard and an unconfirmed OS. To keep costs to a minimum, television sets shall serve as displays for the PC. Dell had previously entered the sector with similar aspirations. However, Dell's offerings are slightly higher in price, ranging from $223 - $515. Considering the average annual income in rural China is under $500, the cost needs to be as low as possible to cater suitably for the demographic. Thus, Lenovo will have an edge to grab the lion's share of business given their lower entry price point. Lenovo anticipate they shall offer a similar product line to Dell's, with varying specifications and prices topping off at $399.

The potential for OS colonisation is a prospect that tantalises the software giants; after all rural China is thought to consist of some 800million people. Can Microsoft risk losing that amount of potential customers? Something tells us they shall be keen to see Windows on these systems and we imagine the incentive will not be too bad.

This on the whole is an excellent development, bringing more people into the technological revolution is a noble effort, even if the intent is fiscally orientated. [Ars Technicapicture via Shanghaiist]

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