iPhone Unlocked for $96 with Forged SIM, Tested in Europe

ATT-explosion.jpgWhile the wizards are still working on a software-only complete unlock for the iPhone, hackers in Europe claim that they have completely unlocked the JesusPhone, allegedly using a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card to obtain full calling and SMS capabilities. Total cost: $96. Read on for the details.

While we haven't been able to test this ourselves yet —our SIM card reader and blank SIM cards are now on transit and should be here tomorrow— a Hackintosh forum member has been able to test the hack in the Orange UK network.

Just tested it - works fine with Orange UK - Call In/Out, SMS In/Out. Great job to everyone who made this possible (specially to the guy that edited the Hex file).

I used the subscriber ICCID, so maybe is best to edit the tutorial - activation should
be the last step.

My thoughts on safety of using this: If so called 'Total Unlock' is released, it will be
probably patching of the baseband firmware to do a similar thing. So no worry about
alerting the network, the trick seems to fool only the good/bad guy check in the
baseband firmware.

While the other software-based solution will be free, if the SIM forgery works those $96 seems like a very low price to buy an iPhone and have it working in your network. Even more when the Infinity USB Unlimited only costs $88+shipping and its cost can be shared about many people. The blank SIM cards only cost $8.27+shipping.

We will publish our results as soon as we get our new gear. [Hackintosh Forums]

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