Korean Air's Coach Cabin is as High-Tech as Their Country

koreanair4.jpgWhile the air travel industry in the States disintegrates into madness, with overbooking, delays more often than on-time flights, and people being crammed into uncomfortable seats like cattle, it takes Korea to come along and show us how it's done. Korean Air has just won the "World's Best Economy Class" award in the Skytrax 2006/7 World Airline Awards. Yes, these pictures are from coach. What the hell.

The runners-up in this contest? Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. What is going on in Asia where they're able to, you know, make air travel comfortable for people not willing to spend $1,000 more per ticket for business class? Here in the States, flying coach is like a form of punishment, punishment complete with a rubbery chicken entrée served while you're trying to sleep. Maybe when Virgin Atlantic finally starts flying domestically we'll get a taste of some of this hospitality in the skies. [Aving]

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