Kohjinsha Adds SSD to UMPC, Still Lame

KOH%204.jpgKohjinsha have updated their UMPC product line with the introduction of the SH6KPS3ABX model. The new addition to the family brings a welcome progression, a 32GB SSD.The device boasts an otherwise yawn-worthy specification: Weighing in at 993g, it will incorporate an Intel processor A100 (clocked @ 600MHz), 1GB RAM (PC2-3200), a 7.0" TFT LED touch screen liquid crystal display (1024x600), 802.11b/g Wireless, Bluetooth 2.0, an integrated media card reader, two USB 2.0 ports, a 1.3MP camera and a TV tuner that is redundant outside of Japan. The battery has a reported 3.5hour runtime, which likely translates to 1.5minutes doing anything useful.

With the specifications as they are you will probably not want to go down the Vista route. However, there is something promising to come of this nonetheless:

The UMPC market is sure to adopt the more robust SSD storage medium, but has until now, been slow to do so. Understandably, cost is an issue as the ridiculously overpriced Samsung Q1 demonstrated. Kohjinsha are set to be one of the first in the market to utilise the SSD, again it shall be at a price; starting at $2,084.83, it is not really making any improvement on the financial feasibility of the medium. At least then, the SSD has taken the first few steps to ubiquity that shall secure its prevalence in the future. [Product Page Via Akihabara] .

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