Jet-Man Is So Cool It Hurts

F5.jpgYves Rossy is an absolute lunatic, but we love him for it. He has been involved in human jet-powered flight since 2001, back in April he survived a potentially life threatening incident when his jet wings encountered problems mid flight. Since then he has been working on repairing and improving the system, he has been so busy with the repairs process he has not been giving any interviews whatsoever.What we do know is this; he has completed thirty motorized flights with nothing but himself strapped to a set of carbon foldable wings, which provide the power source for his flights in a manner that is not fully disclosed. What is disclosed is how freaking awesome Yves Rossy is. If you do not believe us check out the gallery, we dare you. Warning: You may wet yourself in excitement. [Jet-Man via Gadget Venue] .

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