Jazzmutant Rambles Like A Lunatic About Multi-touch Tablet PC

Final%3A4%20multi.jpgThe SIGGRAPH convention is looming and with it comes the promise of unprecedented advancements in technology input and the like. Bearing that in mind, Jazzmutant has been self-promoting their role in the show. According to their website, they have been selected by the SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies Committee to demonstrate something a little special they have been working on, concerning multi-touch technology. Hit the jump for the official blurb.

"Jazzmutant is proud to have been selected by the Siggraph Emerging Technologies Committee in San Diego to demo a new prototype device for computer graphics involving multi-touch control. This solution will go beyond mere finger-drawing and clearly illustrate a new way to interact and improve productivity with drawing and video editing software. Furthermore, the solution presented will be the very first multi-touch enabled Tablet PC shown to the public."

We cannot say for certain what this means at this point, except that it sounds freaking cool. We are thinking a useful implementation of similar technology to that seen in the Microsoft table, but instead this time for the home user. We are confident that whatever does go on show will be far from production status, however the prospect of fooling around like Tom cruise in Minority Report has got us so excited we almost peed our collective little panties. We shall be keeping the coverage on this development airtight. Expect to hear an update sometime along next week, when SIGGRAPH gets underway.

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