Japan to Wii - You are So Yesterday

wii-nes-revolution-skin.jpgWhile Nintendo's Wii has so far been a 1,000ft unstoppable super lizard invading Japan, the country is already losing its fever for the console/giant monster. Because over the past month, Japanese Wii sales have dropped nearly 50%.

Four weeks ago Nintendo was moving around 110,000/week. Since, that number has steadily declined to just over 60,000. While it's still number two (behind the DS, I might add), now that inventory has been replenished in Japan, it's clear that the Wii is not a magical superproduct poised to break all laws of physics/logic and sell to infinity. The DS on the other hand—that just might.

Japan Weekly Sales Chart in full:

DSL: 135,729
Wii: 61,498
PSP: 33,886
PS3: 24,289
PS2: 12,784
Xbox360: 2,691
GBM: 413
GBASP: 228
DS: 75
GC: 68
GBA: 0

[Media Create via Kotaku]

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