Jabra BT8030, Music On The Move, Music On The Still

jabrathisone.jpgThe Jabra BT8030 stereo Bluetooth headset/portable speaker set is a great idea, combining two of Mankind's basic necessities into one device.

The musical combo can pair with more than one Bluetooth device simultaneously, so you can listen to your music from your PMP, whilst being confident you will not miss that important call about picking up more milk before you return home. The battery will supposedly allow 32hours of talk time, 26hours of speaker time and an unbelievable 600hours on standby.

That is all well and good, but did anyone at Jabra stop to think that this might not be such a great idea? Anything that serves as a headset probably is not going to be pumping out the kind of volume you would need in, say, a set of speakers. The reverse obviously stands too. Sure, Jabra may have thought of a way to control the sound output when in each form factor, but that has only occurred to me now and I'll be damned if I change this paragraph on account of the said revelation. The BT8030 will set you back a steep $235, at that price you could probably buy two independent devices that do each job better. Remember, more is better. (Specifically with regard to gadgets. This rule is not so apt when applied to life partners etc). [Technabob] .

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