iWork'08 on Steve's Dock, Adds Numbers, New Versions of Pages, Keynote

apple-excel.jpg[UPDATED: Confirmed, it's Numbers, we were right. Keep reading for full info on iWork'08.] As you can see in this image early in his presentation, there's the new iWork: from left to right, a new icon for Keynote, Pages and what may be is the equivalent of Excel, the fabled Numbers. That leaves iWork. Keynote and Pages. "I'm very pleased to announce we've sold 1.8M copies to date.

New iWork '08

New Keynote, new text effects, new transitions, Instant Alpha. Instant Alpha, get a photo, lets us take out the background, just keep part of photo you want. Smart Builds, lets anyone make very high production value animations. Go to Media Viewer, drag photos in, anything you want. Keynote generates animations for you. A to B animations, you can create your own animations. Easily build slides that mere mortals can figure out how to use. Great new themes that are really beautiful. Of course you can add animations to these. These are so easy, so easy to make slides that look this good. So, these are just some of the features as part of Keynote '08.

Pages has now a word processor mode. Interactive printing: shows print view so you can move stuff around or scale your items to fit onto one or several pages. Also customizable templates. Import and export from and to Excel.

Numbers their new spreadsheet app. Done in the style of pages and keynote. Now he's talking about various boring spreadsheet features. Formatting, sorting, doing formulas, moving columns around without affecting other sheets. Adding pictures and titles and other junk.

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