Toshiba New HD DVDs Add 1080p/24 Playback and Deep Colour Support

tos2_1.jpgToshiba has officially announced their rumoured new HD DVD players today. They unveiled new cool features too: the HD-A35 above gets 1080p playback at 24 frames per second, plus Deep Color support, CE-Link for device interconnection and HDMI 1.3 support with up High Rate Audio up to 7.1. Jump for details, pics and prices on all models.


The HD-A35 will be released in October for $499.99, while this HD-A30 —with the same 1080p/24 support and CE-Link connectivity— will be released in September for $399.99. The low-end model, the HD-A3 below, only does 1080i but till come in October for $299.99.


[PR Newswire and [Impress AV Watch] ]

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