IOGEAR's Gear Juice Makes Sure Your Gadgets Are Never Without Power

gearj1.jpg The Gear Juice gadget charger is the latest in a trend for electronics — portable chargers that are rechargeable themselves. Using USB or any of the six supplied adapters, you can connect around 100 devices (cellphones, iPods, etc...) to Gear Juice and it will transfer power from its own Lithium Polymer battery into your gadgets.

IOGEAR gave us a hands-on with the Gear Juice and we were impressed. In addition to having a sleek form factor and a convenient power indicator, Gear Juice can fully charge a RAZR in an hour with the capacity for 3 charges. Recharging Gear Juice takes about three hours and holds its charge for 500 cycles. Gear Juice is currently iPhone unfriendly, but IOGEAR says they're working on making it compatible. It's out now for around $40.

Mobile Pocket Power.jpggearj2.jpggearj3.jpggearj1.jpg

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