Intelligent Coconuts Working to Stop Airport Noise

device.jpgIntelligent coconuts are the latest invention to come out of the MIT Media Lab, designed to combat excessive airport noise. They have built-in noise sensors, and will be hung on trees surrounding San Jose International Airport. When they detect a jet coming in louder than it should they use their built-in phone to call the airport complaint hotline and leave one of four pre-recorded messages. Check out the clips after the jump.

AU: I can't believe they missed the opportunity for a Gilligan's Island joke - it's a coconut with a phone in it FFS!

Sample complaint 1 Sample complaint 2 Sample complaint 3 Sample complaint 4

I can imagine that having to delete hundreds of these every morning from your answerphone could be almost as annoying as living on the flight path of a major international airport. [TripWire]

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