In-Network Calling Destroying Very Fabric of Society

phones.jpg"It's not you, it's me. Well, really it's my cell carrier. Actually, no, it's your carrier." The Times' latest tech trend piece details the newest technological threat to our social lives—in-network calling plans, which "divide the world into in-network and outside." You see, calling someone in-network is free; out-of-network, not so much. Result? You stop talking to your iPhone-wielding friends on AT&T and cozy up to whoever else is on your network, even if you hate their guts because it's cheaper than talking to your girlfriend.

AU: We all have our in-network deals here in Australia too, but I can't say that stops me calling other people. Maybe the Americans don't have capped plan options like we do, which makes calling anyone, anytime a much more casual idea.

Like any great trend piece, there are no numbers, only a handful of anecdotes—and part of me doesn't want to believe that there are sheeple like Ms. McDowell at the end, who follows her friends from carrier to carrier at the end of every contract.

Personally, I couldn't tell you what carriers most of my friends are on, because I don't really care. I mean, if your friends stop talking to you because you have a different carrier, it might be time to switch friends instead of providers. But for the sake of argument, do you guys watch who you talk to based on their provider?

[NYT, Image via Flickr]

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