I-MU Vibro Speaker Lets You Feel Sound

IMU2007.jpgLadies, this is music to your naughty bits: The Vibro Speaker by I-MU will turn any flat, hard surface into a speaker, whilst you ignore said flat, hard surface and listen to the tunes.

Thirty watts output is possible and the unit has on lead controls. The speaker has a standard stereo plug so you can connect up to most audio sources. At $100 the price is enticing, as if banging out your music in your bedroom was not incentive enough, these are available in three colours; black, pink and white, so you can match them up with anything of a similar colour! If that does not seem reason enough, we are guessing from our research that it can also be used as a sex toy too! Still we imagine when in use these will raise important questions, including:Is that music coming from your vagina? Why does it sound fuzzy? Why does it smell funny? This song makes you feel good, eh? Why do you have such funny tasting taste in music? So many questions, such little time. [Random Good Stuff Shop]

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