iLife 08, iWork 08, good local pricing

ilife-iwork.jpg We've seen a few issues with local pricing of late, where the weakness of the US dollar seems to have no impact on what we have to pay for our new gear. So it's nice to see Apple taking a far better approach than most. The iMac pricing isn't TOO bad on the conversion differential, but the new software lines hit the sweet spot.

US price, $79 single / $99 5-pack. AU price, $99 single / $129 5-pack. Go grab it here.

Kudos to Apple on that one. I've often felt the iLife package has been a killer feature for Apple, and most who use it agree. The addition of Numbers to the iWork pack should see it take a much more serious seat at the table now for most Apple users too. $129 for a 5-user licensed productivity suite? Could this help extend Apple into more small offices?

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