IBM Sued After $1.4 Million Server Dumped on Floor by Forklift

forkliftcrack.jpgIBM is being sued after one of its servers was damaged in transit. T.R. Systems, who was shipping the beast to its customer the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and who had to shell out for a replacement, claims that the computer giant did not package the $1.4 million behemoth correctly. Want to hear how it all happened?"The rear wheels of their forklift hit the raised surface at the entry door of the warehouse, causing the forklift to rock, and subsequently causing the server to rock," says T.R. Systems in court papers filed last month. So far, so fuck-up by T.R. Systems, no?

"As a result of the rocking motion, the base of the pallet and the crate broke and the crate fell onto the curb, damaging the server packed inside," it continues. Er, you said "Packed," didn't you? Admit it, it's down to your own clumsiness.

Er, no. The company goes on to claim that "the damages sustained by T.R. Systems was due to the poor workmanship and/or defective packaging design and methods used by IBM." In short, the palletized crate was not "strong enough to support the substantial height and weight of the server." And to add insult to injury, IBM refused to send technicians to repair the seven-figure piece of kit, or take back the damaged server.

IBM has vowed to defend itself "vigorously" during the case. [InformationWeek]

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