Huge Gibson Flying V Guitar In Action, Plus One That's Even Bigger

Some of our esteemed guitar aficionados and purists looked with disdain upon our post the other day about that limited-edition inverted Gibson Flying V guitar, but maybe this one will suit your fancy: Here's the biggest Gibson Flying V guitar we've ever seen anybody playing. It's positively humongous. And check out this guy, thrashing away on it. Although he does seem to have some chops, too bad this enormous ax is so far out of tune it almost hurts your ears. You might want to turn the sound down before you click the Play button. This one's big, but it's not even the biggest Flying V in history.

That honor goes to the Monster Flying V pictured in the gallery above, built by 11 high school students in 2000. It's so big it set a Guinness World Record. It's 43 feet 7 1/2 inches long and 16 feet 5 1/2 inches wide, weighs well over a ton—and it's actually playable—well, if you don't mind picking 8-inch thick, 25-foot-long strings. [YouTube, via Music Thing, and also Gibson]

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