HTMS Provia A1, So Hot It Makes Us Horny

Prov.jpgThose bad-asses at Technabob unearthed a little, navigating gem. This sexy bitch is Korea's HTMS, Provia A1 GPS navigator. Once again proving Korea rocks technology like the Sony Bravia advertisement slogan. Hit the jump for the details.


The navigation system is detailed by impressively intricate 3D maps. By the look of it they are so detailed, we do not think you even have to bother looking at the road whilst you drive. As you are not looking at the road, why not entertain yourself? The Provia A1 supports full screen video playback in many formats. I know what you are thinking—how are you going to see your route whilst watching "What Women Want"? Picture-in-picture mode has got you covered. If you prefer digital TV instead, there is a DMB receiver packed in behind the glorious, 7" (400x800) touchscreen display. Pricing and launch details are not available as yet.

The heart of the Provia A1 is an Intel PXA270 processor clocking out at 520MHz. On board memory of 256MB can be upped to a relatively tiny 2GB via SD. Once again, those Korean's are not likely to share the love. I for one am not jealous, as I can change the colour scheme on my Tom-Tom 500—put that in your feature pipe and smoke it HTMS! [Technabob] .

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