HTC Shift Gets 60 Hours of Hands-On

umpcshift.jpgThe dudes over at GottaBeMobile got to play with the HTC Shift, the upcoming Windows Vista-running UMPC from HTC. If you don't remember, this UMPC beats current UMPCs because it has an actual slide-out, fold-up QWERTY keyboard. What does GBM think about it? Best. UMPC. Ever. They even made a video of their experience.

Here are the specs, if you don't recall: • Windows Vista Business (3 hrs battery) • Intel Santa Rosa A110 Processor • 1GB DDR2 RAM • 40GB HDD • HSDPA (Data only) ready • Web Cam • Biometrics • Windows Pocket PC (over 5 days battery life when used exclusively) • Qualcomm 400MHz Processor • 64MB RAM

Yes, it has both Windows Vista and Pocket PC (PDA OS), but nobody wants to use anything but Windows Vista on this. Three hours seems pretty short for a portable device of this size, but we're still looking forward to seeing what this can do in our own hands. Head over to Gotta Be Mobile to see the video. [Gotta Be Mobile]

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