Honda ASIMO to Return to Disneyland, Run Around and Talk Up a Storm

honda_asimo_front.jpgHonda's ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) humanoid robot is back on his feet after a conspicuous face-plant late last year, and now he's returning to the stage at Disneyland, running around at nearly 4mph. Besides all that robo-sprinting, this version of ASIMO reportedly interacts a lot with a live host in the 15-minute Say Hello to Honda's ASIMO show starting August 29. It's the only permanent installation in North America where you can see Honda's robot, and now according to his makers he's more mobile and smarter than ever.


Although Honda calls this version "all-new," he looks similar to the ASIMO we saw at CES last January. We saw that version running across the stage at what the host said was 4 kilometers per hour, but wasn't doing a whole lot of interacting. If this ASIMO can actually run 4mph, that represents the next step in robot sprinting. If the little guy's capable of even more interaction, well, we want to talk with his agent—perhaps he would be interested in writing for Gizmodo. Wait, wait, just kidding. [Honda]

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