Hitachi's Blu-Ray and HDD/Blu-Ray Cams Stateside in October (Right, Phil?)

hita01.jpgWe already knew this was coming despite the naysayers*: Hitachi has finally launched its Blue-Ray and HDD/Blue-Ray camcorders on the world. Launch dates are 31 August for Japan, and October for the rest of the world, and here's a gallery and all the gen on what you can expect. There are two models to choose from: the hybrid DZ-BD7H, with its 30GV HDD and 8 cm disk recorder; and the simpler DZ-BD70, a BD single drive camcorder which can record approximately one hour of 1920x1080 full high-definition video (two hours of 1440x1080 high definition video) on a 8cm BD.

The DZ-BD7H can capture four hours of 1920x1080 full hi-def video, or up to eight hours of 1440x1080, and can copy from HDD to 8cm BD within the camcorder without external devices. Both cameras have a 5.3 mega-pixel CMOS, HMDI output, D3/D1 connector and weigh 705 grams (DZ-BD7H) and 650 g (DZ-BD70. Vital statistics are 80 x 87 x 165 mm.

Now then, prices: Impress is reporting that the hybrid DZ-BD7H is available for $1,600 in Japan, and the DZ-BD70 for $1,350.

* Still nothing from the Crave boy - yes, Phil Ryan, I mean you. [Akihabara News and TG Daily and Impress through Google Translate]

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