Hello Kitty Used to Punish Thai Police (YES!)

thai-kitty.jpgPolicemen in Thailand who commit minor transgressions, such as parking in the wrong spot or arriving late for work, are to be punished by the High Priestess of Pink Tat - yes, Hello Kitty. Does it involve BDSM gear Kitty? Brit-Spanking Kitty? No, it's even worse.

This must be the first time Sanrio's nauseous invention will be doing something useful (apart from humiliating kittens, that is.)From today, Thai policemen who break the rules will be forced to wear a bright pink armband embroidered with the Hello Kitty logo and two hearts for several days. It is hoped that the cartoon cat will help build discipline.

"We should not let small offences go unnoticed," said Police Colonel Pongpat Chayapan. "Guilty officers will be made to wear the armbands in the office for a few days, with instructions not to disclose their offences. Let people guess what they have done." [BBC News]

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