Haptic Glove Transmits Feelings to Your Hands; Porn Industry Excited Already


Apple isn't the only event happening today, you know. SIGGRAPH (a conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques) is happening in San Diego as well, and there's some pretty neat stuff being shown off there. This Haptic Glove, for example, transmits the feeling of holding an object in your hand from afar.

Imagine shaking hands with someone from across the country, feeling not only the texture of their hand but also the warmth of it. Wondering how soft that sweater is you're thinking of purchasing online? Feel it before you buy it. Sure, it's kind of an esoteric technology, and it's still about 10 years away from being fully realized, but it's a pretty cool glimpse at what engineers are currently toiling over. [SIGGRAPH 07 via The Raw Feed]

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