Hands-On Vmoda's Vibe Duo Headphones for iPhone (Verdict: Punchy, No Remote)

iphoneaccessories%20-%2028.jpgWhat made these $100 headphones irresistible Apple store iPhone retail bait? If it was a sin to use white earbuds with a nano, it surely was a sin to use it with a $600 phonepod. They're also the only headphones to launch with the iPhone that explicitly work with the recessed headphone jack. They sound great, but they've got one flaw. Pros:Listening to a frequency sweep, base came in more clearly and with more tactile oomph off the line, while slightly peaky on the high end. They were more punchy, and the earpieces (comes with several sizes) were comfy and stayed in while not picking up too much ear grease. More efficient, so louder at a given volume setting than stock buds. Better sound isolation. Cloth covered black cables were nice. Microphone built in for calls. Leather carrying pouch included. Cons:Headphone jack stem is too tall. Unbelievably, no remote control button for play/pause, track skipping, or call accept/reject. Verdict: If you're into the headphones for calling, instead of using a bluetooth headset or the handset itself, you'd better pass. If you find yourself using the iPod in the iPhone a lot, these might be worth it, but consider Belkin's $10 adapter that will allow all your old headphones to work with the iPhone, first. [VModa]

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