Guy Creates iPhone from Scratch, Even Better than the Real Thing

fake%20iphone.jpgIt may look, feel, shine and even taste like an iPhone. But believe it or not, what you are seeing is not an iPhone. As you can see in the gallery, a guy frustrated by the fact that the JesusPhone is not available in Japan built his own from scratch. Sure it doesn't work, but it's exactly like the real thing. In fact, it's even better.

It's better because the back is made of aluminum, unlike the iPhone, which is made of some kind of plastic material that looks like that metal. Of course, the fact that it doesn't work makes the whole thing moot, but at least this extreme fan got what he wanted: to be able to hold it, fondle it, lick it, pants it and probably do unspeakable things with it.


One thing is for sure: the thing is so perfectly identical that at least Aoshima-san probably would be able to replace the back of his iPhone when he finally gets one. [Aoshima]

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