Google Couture

Post4-5%20GoogleShpa.jpgIf you live in Turkey not only do you have the best kebabs in the World, but you also have the finest geek boutique to have graced our watery planet. Even though the owner of the store has the intricate Google logo down to the correct spelling and colour, we are still confident in calling this a hoax. Please do not ask us to justify ourselves, on this one trust us - we have a strange feeling in our tummies.Post4%3A5%20GoogleShp.jpgThe picture was taken by Neil at iGadget Life, we want it back while he was holidaying it up in Turkey, Marmaris. Doing what any of us would have done, he took hundreds of shots of the retail establishment and bought both, his new summer and winter wardrobe collections from there, spending far too much money in the process. So, we made the last bit up, but it is an educated guess no less.

The Google style house moves a long way from our past encounters of Google in the fashion world, namely the similarly unofficial Goggle cologne, which could have got you women if you were able to find any. Well guess what? If the Google store in Turkey does not have any you can slap us sideways, laugh at our hair and call us every Tuesday to say, "The Google store does not stock Google cologne." Jokes aside, we echo Neil's sentiments; it is unlikely the big G's legal team will have much of a laugh with this one. [iGadget Life via The Raw Feed]

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