FunKix Merges High Tech With Hacky Sacks

sackflashies.jpgHere's a cross between a Hacky Sack and a football, and it's called FunKix, billed as a techno-filled sports sack for your kicking and gadget-lusting enjoyment. Each one of these little kicksters does its own digital trick.

The FunKix Digi has a digital counter, recording your time and number of kicks on its LCD display. There it is, proof of how many times you kick that sucker without dropping it, and displaying your fantastic accomplishment in a "high score" mode. FunKix Flash has LEDs inside, which the company says are ultra-bright, sure to dazzle all those around for your nighttime hacky sack-kicking extravaganzas. Then there is the FunKix Sonic, letting you record choice phrases into it and playing them back every time you boot it. Imagine the possibilities.

All are supposedly super-tough, so you can kick the shit of them without worrying about breaking their delicate techno-innards. Might be fun for $20 each. [FunKix]

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