Fujitsu Ships LifeBook T2010, Lighter Than Ever

fujitsu2010_front.jpgFujitsu just began shipping the LifeBook T2010, one of the lightest widescreen convertible laptop tablets yet, weighing just 3.52 pounds. It's put together in that same kooky form factor as its brandmate, the P1610 with the screen that swivels around every which way so you can use it as either a stylus-driven tablet or a conventional laptop. There's nine hours of battery life, a spill-resistant keyboard and slots for most varieties of flash memory, plus a PC card, slot, too. Take the page jump for some purdy pictures and pricing.

This LifeBook's 3.5-pound weight makes it a whole lot more appealing, and its 12.1-inch 1280x800 screen is probably just about the optimum size for such a form factor. If you really want to extend that battery power, you can opt for that same 32GB hard drive introduced with the other Fujitsu LifeBooks last March. The LifeBook T2010's pricing starts at $1599, available today. [Fujitsu]

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