Foryou PMP, Has Stupid Name, Multitasks Like Your Girlfriend

foryousillyname.jpgThis PMP from China's, confusingly named, Foryou, packs so much functionality under the hood it makes our heads hurt.

There are two flavours available; 20GB or 40GB, if that is not enough space there is an SD expansion slot too. The screen is a-not too shabby-7" LCD, both a car kit and rechargeable battery are included. The device can playback MP3/4/AAC and WAV, if viewing pictures is more your preserve, you will be limited to JPEG format only. Basic file operations can be controlled with out hooking up to your PC. Connection ports include; USB2.0 and a Stereo line out. In hope you may forgive its looks, an FM receiver is also squashed in. It might not look like sex on legs and that is mainly because it is not, but damn it is packed tight with functionality. Pricing details are only available from the manufacturer directly. If anyone finds out, drop the information below. [Product Page viaPMP Today] .

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