Flo Backpack Makes you Very Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrapin

flo2.jpgA bag for all seasons, this Flo backpack is modular and can change with your moods—which, if they're anything like mine, rage from Breeze of Sweet Pea to Tsunami of Bitchqueen Stompiness. You can adapt the Flo to any size—from a pack worthy of a long hiking weekend to an afternoon trip to the city. Here's how it works:flo.jpgDesigned by Ivan Huber, the bag itself comes in three sizes: urban day pack; weekender; and God, she's in a right old mood today five-day trekker. Snap it into the universal frame, made of molded plastic. Air channels provide breathability, and the core is flexible, so you can wriggle around easily with it on you.

flo3.jpgIt looks so space-agey that you could probably wear the frame without the bag attachment to play Astronauts & Nurses, or whatever it is you like to play at on a weekend. [Yanko]

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