First Review of the Sony's Next Gen XBR4 HDTV LCD (Verdict: Best)

sony-kdl-46xbr4-hdguru.jpgSony's XBR4, the 10-bit, 24-frame compatible, 120Hz follow up to the XBR3, was announced a few weeks ago, but Gary Merson has the first review. He says its the best HD LCD so far, with some caveats.The standard mode, "vivid" doesn't seem to do deinterlacing of 1080i signals correctly. (Movie and other modes work fine). He says this is the best LCD he's ever seen, but prefers Plasmas, like the TH-50PZ750U for better color accuracy and motion. (I don't like to underestimate the allure of brightness in a panel, esp during bright scenes, so am not sure I agree fully with Gary.)

Those waiting for a review of the XBR5, should note that this is technically the same set as the XBR5, but with a chassis that has detachable face plates. A 46-inch model is about $3600, retail. [HDGuru]

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