Where Our Tech Dollars Go: Landlines and Cable TV, Mostly


Wired had this really cool chart that shows where we spend our tech dollars last week that we somehow missed, but better late than never, eh? The chart breaks down the average household spending on tech goods and services annually, and it shows that we spend way too much money on landline phones: 26% of all tech spending, to be exact. Who out there is still paying for a landline phone these days? Come on, fess up.

Full version of the chart after the jump.


We also look to be spending way too much money on cable TV as well. In fact, it looks like if we were to drop our cable and phone services, we'd cut nearly half our tech spending out. Speaking as someone who has neither cable nor a landline, I can tell you that not paying $2,000 a year for those services is a pretty awesome feeling. What do you think, could you live without cable TV? It's not that bad, really. [Wired via Treehugger]

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