Extreme Kayaking: Surfango's PowerKayaks Haul Aquatic Ass

surfangobigpic.bmpIf you've been avoiding kayaking all your life because the strenuous paddling seemed like too much work, Surfango is your dream come true. Tired of paddling away for a few measly miles per hour, Surfango strapped a four-stroke engine on the back of a kayak and the PowerKayak was born. It may only fit one person, but that person is guaranteed to have a grand old time skipping over the waves at a blistering 25 miles per hour.

The PowerKayak comes in two flavors, Hawaii and Adventurer. The Hawaii is the open-top version you see in the action pics, while the Adventurer is fully enclosed (the enhanced aerodynamics boost its top speed up to 28mph). You can spend a few hours on the water in either boat with the two gallon fuel tank and each one is outfitted with all kinds of waterproof compartments and a digital dashboard. The steering (via joystick) is apparently quite responsive even at high speeds.

Both models of PowerKayak weigh in at around 120 pounds and start at the not too brutal price of $2899. While they look more stable than their engineless counterparts, be careful not to tip one of these over; not only would you be stuck underwater without the aid of a paddle to flip yourself over, but that purring engine could start singing a pretty nasty tune above the water. [Gizmag]

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