EVERLED, LED "Fluorescent" Tubes

151670main.jpgWhile fluorescent tubes are energy efficient, their materials are crappy for the environment. But under current infrastructure (schools, city buildings, etc), replacing fluorescence with another technology would take uncountable amounts of moolah. That's why we're so excited about EVERLED, which fits in a standard fluorescent socket. But that's not the only benefit.These EVERLEDs are rated at a 10-year lifespan, compared to the 5-7 year lifespan of their fluorescent counterparts. Plus, the lights require 20% less power, which would be an energy savings of incredible magnitude from a global perspective.

The catch: each 4-foot tube runs $150...or 70 TIMES the price of a fluorescent of the same size. Sorry, environment...uhh...things are tight...with the constantly buying new gadgets and all.

[product page via inhabitat]

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