Epson Unveils Slim MovieMate 50 and High-Def MovieMate 72 DVD Projectors

New_MovieMates.jpgI'm already a huge fan of DVD-projector combos, so Epson's new LCD-projector MovieMates make me titter like a school girl. The first thing Epson did was solve its size problem with the MovieMate 50. The new one is 63% slimmer than its predecessor—with a built-in handle!—yet still costs $799. But the inevitable shift to high-def has happened earlier than I would have predicted, with the advent of the MovieMate 72.

If you haven't already guessed it, the 72 refers to 720p. It's not a full 1080p, but a big step in the right direction, and at $1,199, hard to pass up. When you're projecting an image 100 inches across, it's all too easy to see the screen-door effect of the pixels from a 480p-resolution chip. The jump to 720p triples the number of pixels. With the requisite internal DVD upscaling, the image remains a lot smoother when you project it big. Also, since there's an HDMI input, you'd be able to play games and watch Blu-ray or HD DVD movies at a much improved resolution too.

Usually Charlie is Gizmodo's main man for projector reviews, but this is one that I'm going to have to commandeer for myself when it's up for a test drive.From the fact sheet:

EPSON MovieMate 50 - On-the-Go Instant Home Cinema Smallest footprint of all-in-one projectors on the market, 63% smaller than previous generation Innovative, sleek black design Portable - convenient built-in handle Great home cinema sound (5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS) Cushioned soft case included $799 (estimated street price)

EPSON MovieMate 72 - Instant High Definition Home Cinema World's first high-definition combo projector True HD 720p resolution with HDMI connector Unique swivel base for more flexible placement; also has wider lens shift and wider zoom Powerful audio - four 5W speakers $1,199 (estimated street price)

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