Electronic Spin the Bottle Helps You Relive Awkward Youth

spinthebottle.jpg We all remember sitting awkwardly in a circle, playing spin the bottle and getting our first kiss with a braces-wearing uggo in a group of giggling school children. Well, now you can relive those wonderful days with Toys4Me's Electronic Spin the Bottle — a game that takes all the difficulty out of both spinning and getting an actual bottle. The toy also throws Truth and Dare into the equation, adding 130 questions and a "Forfeit" mode that helps you end your humiliation when it gets too steamy or when your lip is painfully caught in aforementioned braces.

At $34 dollars, it's a wonder why anyone would spend the money to buy a bottle that essentially spins and asks questions for you, as both tasks seem to be fairly straightforward. Still, if all else fails, it's a great way to practice fellatio. [NerdApproved via UberGizmo]

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