DXG-572V Camcorder is Incredibly Cheap, Shoots Video of Babes

dxg_front.jpgWho knew a camcorder could be so cheap, but here it is, the DXG-572V that records MPEG-4 video at "near DVD-quality" for $149. It looks to be about the same kind of recording mechanism that you'll get on most still cameras these days, laying down 640x480 video at 30 frames per second onto an SD or MMC memory card. It can also take 5.13-megapixel stills and function as a voice recorder, too.

At these prices, it probably doesn't do any of those things well, but we really wanted to show you that picture of the bikini-clad gals in its viewfinder (see a close-up in the gallery above), so perhaps you're not entirely disappointed with this post.

Here's an idea: This camcorder could be a good disposable unit for taking to the beach this summer or out on the ski slopes this winter. Just be sure to check out what its video looks like before plunking down your plastic. [Press Release]

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